Frequently Asked Questions - Others

FAQs - Others

We do not offer margin facilities for online trading accounts at this time. All orders for the purchase of securities through the Online Trading Facility are on cash basis only. Your account must contain sufficient funds to cover the purchase amount of the securities, the broker's commission, and all the applicable transaction costs attributable to you as the buyer.

No, since your online trading account is secured and operated by a username and password known only to you, we cannot access your online trading account even if you give us a phoned-in instruction to execute a trade. However, if you foresee that you might occasionally need the assistance of a broker, we would suggest that you maintain your regular broker-assisted account with us in addition to the online trading account.

Yes, you have to sign an upliftment form, which will serve as your authorization to physically withdraw your stock certificate(s). The Philippine Stock Exchange operates under a purely electronic, scripless trading system of the Philippine Central Depository and Trust Corporation (PDTC). Your certificate will be available depending on how soon PDTC and the stock transfer agent of the particular issue are able to process your request. On the average, it takes anywhere between 30 to 45 days for the certificates to be released. Stock transfer agents may also charge a nominal fee of Php165.00/stock for the service. However, there is an option known as "express upliftment" wherein it will take an average of one week only for the certificates to be released.  It will involve a fee of Php700.00/stock.

If you would like to sell your stock certificate, you will need to lodge the shares which will take at the most five (5) working days at the minimum fee of Php112.00/issue and Php22.40/certificate.

No, AB Capital does not provide the service of storing stock certificates. We can only fund your online account with your stock certificates.

Yes, you can request for the stock certificates to be delivered to you and we will send these to you via registered mail or through a reputable courier.