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Who We Are

Welcome to AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI) your partner to stock trading. We understand that the thought of the stock market and stock purchasing could be very daunting but take a breath and relax because we are here to help you along the way. For over 60 years, we’ve been working with people from every walk of life each with a different set of financial goals and dreams.

ABCSI formerly known as Anscor Hagedorn Securities Inc. (AHSI) is one of the Philippine’s leading stock brokerage firms. Today it takes pride on being one of the pioneers in online stock trading. With this, we are able to provide research and trading platform that is more accessible, faster and easier for you.

With over thirty years of industry presence, ABCSI has become one of the major players in the Philippine financial markets. We are consistently ranked among the country’s top brokerage firms in terms of turnover.  ABCSI, has also been accorded the prestigious citation for "Full Compliance" for eighteen consecutive years (1999-2017) by the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation (CMIC). Rest assured we can help grow and protect your investment.

Our Core Principles


To use our knowledge and capability to help grow the wealth and better the lives of our clients.


To tell that stock trading online is a good avenue to invest in for the people’s financial goals and dreams.


Quality / Integrity / Teamwork / Commitment

Key Officers


Frank S. Gaisano
Chairman & CEO
AB Capital & Investment Corporation

VLV 2017.4

Victor L. Vital
AB Capital & Investment Corporation
AB Capital Securities, Inc.

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