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Unit Investment Trust Funds or UITFs are open-ended pooled trust funds operated by a trust entity and made available via participation or units.

UITFs are valued on a marked-to-market-basis which means that the price reflects the accurate value of the fund at the time of participation/redemption.


AB Capital Balanced Fund
aims to achieve a steady stream of income and long-term growth through balanced investments in companies listed in the PSE and high-grade fixed income securities.
AB Capital Equity Fund
designed to achieve superior returns for its participants via investing primarily in common stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

AB Capital Short Term Fund
aims to achieve stable flow of income and capital preservation through investments in products with a maximum tenor of one (1) year.
These products are ideally suited for investors with the following characteristics:
  • Primary objective of long-term capital growth
  • Medium to long-term investment time horizon, and
  • Willing to take on higher risks in exchange for the opportunity to earn higher returns than fixed income instruments over the long-term


AB Capital Funds
Date: January 18, 2018
Equity Fund Php 3.340570
0.47 % 3.07 %
Balanced Fund Php 1.055132 -0.48 % 1.57 %
Short-Term Fund Php 1.056460 0.15 % 0.08 %
Top Equity Holdings as of December 31, 2017
Name Industry/Sector % of Total
San Miguel Purefoods Industrial 8.90%
GT Capital Holdings Holding Firm 7.93%
Megaworld Corp. Property 7.47%
Metro Pacific Holding Firm 5.95%
Petron Corp. Industrial 5.31%
Int'l. Container Terminal Services 4.64%
Semirara Mining Mining & Oil 4.44%
Banco De Oro Financials 3.82%
Puregold Price Club Services 3.63%



Advantages & Benefits

Professionally Managed
Investments are constantly monitored by a team of professional fund managers with a solid trach record and experience in the capital markets, making adjustments to provide the best possible return.
Diversification and Affordability
For only a small amount, investors are able to invest in several different issues because it is pooled with other investors. This diversification spreads the risks over a large base thus limiting potential losses.
The fund provides investors with greater liquidity than stocks or bonds. Investors can purchase or redeem their participation on any business day.


  Equity Balanced Premium Short-Term
Mgt. Fee (p.a.) 1.25% 1.25% 1.25% 0.375%
Initial Investment P25,000 P25,000 P50,000 P50,000
Maintaining Balance P25,000 P25,000 P50,000 P50,000
Min. Add'l. Investment P10,000 P10,000 P25,000 P25,000
Equity Limit 100% 50% 0% 0%
Benchmark PSEi 50% - 1 Yr
T-Bill +50%
91-day T-Bill
+ 50bps
91-Day T-Bill
Min. Hldg. Period 30 days 30 days 30 days None
Early Redemption Fee 1.00% of principal 1.00% of principal 1.00% of principal None

 Do you have additional questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for our UITF Products.

Valuation of the Fund

  • Valuation is based on Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • NAV shall be the summation of the market value of each investment of the fund less fees, taxes and other expenses
  • Net Asset Value per unit (NAVPU) shall be determined by dividing the NAV of the Fund by the total number of units outstanding (The NAVPU of the fund may fluctuate daily depending on the prices of the various instruments in the fund)
  • Participation and Redemption prices based on NAVPU (cut-off time at 12:00 noon)
* Not insured by the PDIC
* No guarantee of yield, return or income
* Any income or loss derived from this fund is for the account and risk of the investors
* AB Capital shall not be liable for any losses, except those resulting for its gross negligence

Objectives of the Fund

  • To achieve superior returns via investing in equities listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
  • To provide higher returns than fixed income investments.
  • To provide alternative investments for institutional and retail clients.
  • To outperform the PSEi..

Investment Policy

  • The fund will invest in the following instruments:
    • Listed and soon to be listed common stocks, preferred stocks, and securities convertible into, or exchangeable to common stocks.
    • Fixed income securities issued by the government and corporations that are traded in an organized exchange or market (to  park funds).
    • Other investments allowed by the BSP (to park funds).
  • The combined exposure of the UITF to any entity and its related parties shall not exceed 15% of the market value of the UITF.

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